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If I've added you to my lj-friends list, you might want to read this post.

going silent

Well, folks, it looks like this journal is going silent. It's now been over two months since I've posted. It's been longer than that since I've been able to sit down and write. Goodness only knows when I'll make my way through this bout of writer's block.

So I'm going to export this journal via ljbook and then delete it.

For those not already aware, this emphatically does not mean that I am leaving LiveJournal. Quite the contrary: I remain very active under my main username of sonria.

I intend to make my way through and start writing again and I'm definitely not going to stop reading fan fiction. So if you're inclined, please feel free to friend me over there.

It's been wonderful!

Labor Day

Well, folks, I won't be at Dragon*Con after all. This past Friday, after the toe started getting worse instead of better, I went ahead and made a doctor's appointment.

I didn't break a toe. I broke two, and possibly a third.

There's not much more to be done for this than you do for a single broken toe, but I'm going to be longer recovering than I thought I would be; probably a good three or four weeks. When I mentioned two upcoming plans (one was D*C) that involved time on my feet, he shook his head. Out of the question.

That being said I'll still be in town, so I'm up for a meetup if anyone wants. I promise I'll answer messages this time. :)



Broken toes are no fun. :(

I have a bunch of half-written stuff on the Dana but I can't seem to finish it. Should I post it anyway?

It's alive!

I'm finally back online after a month offline.

What did I miss?

By the way, Early Edition people: I have it! But just got it yesterday so I haven't yet watched it.

almost moved - want to meet up?

Almost moved, and almost out of money. The landlord at the old place is a little ticked that I haven't paid July rent, but my retort is that he only gave me two weeks' notice to move. I spent the money doing that instead, and he can just wait his turn. (Granted, I got another week out of him, but still...I'll just be glad when this is over.)

I'm in the new place but, since I expect to move again in four months or so, I've intentionally not unpacked too much. With everything in boxes — and me sleeping on the futon in the living room — things are pretty sterile. I had hoped this would provide an incentive to write, but I've only done it twice since move in. I'm back into Earth 2, though, so I consider it a success.

I also found out that S2 of Early Edition is coming out toward the end of the month, and it took a lot of willpower not to pre-order it.

So I'm still being fannish. Just...not being very active right now. Regardless of where I am in September, I'll still be at D*C this year. Anyone want to meet up?


only at 1:30 a.m.

I'm moving tomorrow. I am NOT packed. I'm not even started. The movers will be here at 10:30. The former resident may or may not be moved out by the time I get there. Oh, this is going to get interesting.

So what am I doing? Of course, I'm posting to LJ. Even better, I just decided to sign up to write a 20K+ word story:


Yes, life will be interesting for a while. But there are worse definitions of the word...

...even at 1:30 a.m.

Reality intrudes.

So I was going to write this weekend. Really. Instead I found myself hunting down the gods of painlessness. In other words, my body thought it was going to have a migraine, and when the normal over-the-counter stuff didn't work, I gave in and went for the Percocet.

Which worked, but has now left me rather impaired. Doesn't have to take alcohol, you know.

Thing is, I should have spent today packing. Because I'm moving on Wednesday. I found out this past Tuesday that I had to be out of my place by next Tuesday. I squawked and got a few extra days, and somehow I've managed to actually find a place and get the logistics lined up.

Life's gonna be interesting for a while. But I'm still hoping to be able to write this weekend...once I've sobered up.


I'm back!

Back from the netless world! Did I miss anything significant?


name that ship!

Name that ship!

I spent some time digging through my files this past weekend since I couldn't get online as I'd planned, and I came across this little piece which I wrote several years ago. It's fan fiction; it was written for a particular ship. But on re-read, it occurred to me that, with one very minor change, it could apply to another one that I really enjoy. Those probably aren't the only two.

So I made the change, and I'm posting it here. What do you think? Which ship(s) does this describe? This is not a test; this is me being curious about what other people might see here. I'm only avoiding identifying my ships because I don't want to cause any accidental preconceptions.

Sometimes...Collapse )

In other news, I am still netless and depending on wi-fi spots; as I post this I'm at a Panera Bread. This will probably last until next week.


Title: A Different Kind of Blue
Audience: General
Words: 614

After DNA analysis reveals something about Jayne’s father, River and Simon to consider the nature of fatherhood itself.

Written for the 100 Situations prompt, "homo."